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Today, Ukrainian land needs qualified farmers, people who understand and respect it. Vinnytsia National Agrarian University trains such specialists within its walls.

VNAU is a powerful center of education and science with modern material and technical base, an extensive network of branches and research centers, widely known in Ukraine and abroad.

The University has 6 faculties: agronomy and forestry, economics and entrepreneurship, accounting and auditing, management and law, engineering and technology, technology of production and processing of livestock and veterinary products.

The structure of VNAU also includes: Separate structural subdivision "Technological and Industrial Professional College of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University", Separate structural subdivision "Ladyzhyn Professional College of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University", Separate structural subdivision "Kohyliv-Podilsky National University of Agrarian University", "Separate structural subdivision" Nemyriv Professional College of Construction, Economics and Design of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University", Separate structural subdivision" Chernyatyn Vocational College of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University ".

The Agrarian University provides training in a multilevel system: adaptation of school graduates to higher education, training of junior specialists, bachelors, masters, candidates and doctors of sciences.

The University expands its horizons of cooperation with leading Ukrainian and world enterprises and institutions. After all, only in such cooperation it is possible to prepare a real highly qualified specialist who is able to successfully compete in today's dynamic labor market.

The best students of the university deepen their theoretical knowledge during internships and internships in 16 educational institutions, leading agricultural enterprises in Europe, the United States and Australia.

VNAU is a leading educational institution in Ukraine for the implementation of modern innovative methods of organizing the educational process, electronic learning tools, test control of residual knowledge and more. Socrates' electronic quality management system for educational activities is the university's own development and global information base for educational process management; electronic library support; university repository; scientific-consultative educational environment of the university.

Gryhoriy Kaletnik
Gryhoriy Kaletnik

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Victor Mazur
Victor Mazur

Rector of the University

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International activities of VNAU are diverse and multifaceted. Dynamic international cooperation is a necessary condition for the integration of the University into community of European universities, the development of friendly relation with foreign partners and strengthening of intercultural relation. Over the last 14 years, over two hundred teachers and over a thousand students have been trained abroad, dozens of international conferences have been organized and held, and fifty agreements on joint educational activities have been concluded with foreign partners from thirty countries of the world, including Albania, Belarus, the United Kingdom, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia Canada, Kenya, the Netherlands, Poland, the Republic of Tatarstan, the USA, Romania, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, Hungary, Montenegro.


Separate units

College of Technology and Engineering
Director: Ruslan Budiak
Vinnytsia, Yunost Avenue 8
tel: (0432) 51-15-99, tel/fax 43-88-23

Mohyliv-Podilskyi College of Technology and Economics
Director: Valentyna Kazmir
Vinnytsia region, Mohyliv-Podilskyi, Kyivska 40/1 str.
tel: (04337) 6-28-50 fax: (04337) 6-28-50

Nemyriv College of Construction, Economics and Design
Director: Maryna Kondratova
Vinnytsia region, Nemyriv, Himnaziina 29 str.
tel: (04337) 6-28-50 fax: (04337) 6-28-50

College of Ladyzhyn
Director: Oleh Tsurkan
Vinnytsia region, Ladyzhyn, Petro Kravchyk 5 str.
tel/fax: (04343) 6-16-01, tel. 6-11-73, 6-18-60

Agricultural College of Verkhivka
Director: Oleksandr Kushnir
Vinnytsia region, Trostyanets district, village Verkhivka, Tekhnikumivska 1 str.
tel/fax: (243) 28-5-42

College of Chernyatyn
Director: Vitaliy Kucheriavyi
Vinnytsia region, Zhmerynskyi district,
Village .Chernyatin , Pershotravneva 28 str.
tel: (04332) 2-27-40, 3-24-25

Separate units


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