Faculty of Engineering and Technology

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Every year more than 2,000 students of  the day and correspondence forms of education by specialities "agro engineering", "engineering", "energy, electrical engineering and electromechanics " receive higher education.

Vitaly Yaropud

Vitaly Yaropud

Dean of of Faculty of Engineering and Technology

candidate of technical sciences, associate professor

Engineering  and technological faculty began  its activity on April 5, 1982 as a structural unit of agromechanical  faculty of  Vinnytsia branch of the Ukrainian Academy of agriculture.  Mamalyha Vasyl Stepanovych was the head of it . As an independent structure the faculty of mechanization of agriculture was founded by the order of the Director of Vinnytsia branch of the Ukrainian agricultural Academy on 30 September 1982. The  associate Professor , Ph. D. Pavlo Bernyk was the dean of it . At that time the faculty had three departments: "Agricultural machines", "Exploitation of machine-tractor Park", "Physics and mathematics". There  were two academic buildings and the MTS Module for students . The students had a educational  practice and laboratory practical classes in Kalynivskyi machine building plant and other enterprises which  were subsidiaries of the relevant department.  The students were divided into groups while performing agricultural work  on the production. Training was carried out by one of the specialty "Mechanization of agriculture".

During its existence the Department has trained more than four thousand mechanical engineers  by specialties: "Mechanization of plant production", "Mechanization of livestock", "Mechanization of processing and storage of agricultural products", "Technical service", "labour Protection", "Construction machinery and equipment of agricultural production", "Designing processes and equipment for processing of crops and livestock."

The deans of the Engineering  and technological faculty  at one time were: Vasyl Mamalyha (1981-1982), Pavlo Bernyk (1982-1987), Leonid Sereda (1987-1989), Victor  Nahaichuk (1989-1991), Victor Anisimov (1991 -1997), Victor Dusanyuk (1997-2005), Mykola Ivanov (2005-2009), Ihor Palamarchuk (2009-2014), Valentyna Bandura (2014-2019).  Since 2019, Professor  , Doctor of Technical Sciences  Viktor Matviychuk has been temporarily working as the Dean of the Faculty.

Currently, the faculty consists of five departments, four of which are graduation: "Agroengineering and technical service", "Electric power, electrical engineering and electromechanics", "General technical disciplines and labor protection", "Machines and equipment of agricultural production" and "Technological processes  and equipment for processing and food production. "

More than 2,000 full-time and part-time students receive higher education by three specialities each year: 133 "Mechanical Engineering", 141 "Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics" and 208 "Agroengineering", licensed by  “bachelor’s” degree and  “Master's” degree with  250 of  full-time and part-time students.

There are many scientific schools created at the faculty by doctors of technical sciences, professors

P.S.  Bernyk, A.D.  Harkavyi , V.F.  Anisimov, L.P.  Sereda , V.A.  Matviychuk, I.P.  Palamarchuk. 

Their main directions are: theory and practice of using vibrating machines in the fields of agro-industrial engineering, production and processing of agricultural products;  creation of progressive biodiesel production schemes;  extraction and purification of food impurities;  mechanization of agriculture;  production of bioethanol and biogas;  diagnosis of tractors, cars and other agricultural machinery;  plastic deformation during pressure treatment;  the use of solar energy in the drying of crops;  methods and techniques for assessing the competitiveness of agricultural machinery and technologies;  development of effective methods of purification of sugar beet.

Successful work of the mentioned scientific schools is ensured by the created on the basis of the departments of the editorial board of the All-Ukrainian scientific and technical journals "Vibrations in Engineering and Technology", "Engineering, Energy, Transport of AIC" and "Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics".

Advancement of scientific qualification is carried out in postgraduate study by two specialties: 05.03.05 - Processes and machines of pressure treatment and 05.05.11 - Machines and means of mechanization of agricultural production.

Educational, organizational and scientific work of the Faculty is assisted by the Deputy Dean Vitaliy Yaropud, Olena Solona and Ihor Kupchuk, as well as Methodists Lyudmyla Baltremus, Oksana Humenyuk  and Natalya Tomash.


  • Department of General Engineering Sciences and Labour Safety
  • Department of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
  • Department of Technological Processes and Equipment for Food and Processing Industries
  • Department of Agricultural Engineering and Technical Service
  • Department of Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electrical Mechanics

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