Educational work

 Educational work at the Vinnytsia National Agrarian University is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Education", the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education", the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On the State National Program" Education "( ХХІ Century Ukraine)", as well as the Concept of National Patriotic Education and youth, approved by the decision of the collegium of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of June 16, 2015 under No. 641, decisions of the Academic Council of the University.

Organizational and methodological support of the educational process at the university is carried out in various forms:

  • consideration of issues of educational work at the meetings of the Rectorate, Academic Council of the university and faculties, the center of pre-university training, admission to training and educational work, the center of culture and leisure, deans, departments, colleges, universities, student self-government bodies, trade unions of students, library of the university;
  • planning and reporting of educational work at the university and structural units;
  • conducting seminars, round tables, training hours, instructional and methodological meetings with tutors;
  • providing counseling to students of the psychological, medical, legal services of the university and social educator;
  • coordinating the work of the campus, addressing the issues of settlement and student accommodation in hostels;
  • coverage of educational materials on the front pages of My University newspaper, the website of the educational institution and on social networks;
  • cooperation with the Department of Education and Science of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration and Vinnytsia City Council, social services, medical institutions of the city, etc.

On the basis of the above mentioned directions of educational work the general university and faculty plans of educational work, as well as the plans of educational work of tutors of academic groups, are based. A significant share in the organization of the educational process belongs to the pro-rector for educational work and humanitarian policy, the center of pre-university training, admission to training and educational work, the center of culture and leisure, the staff of the campus, the commanders of dotmotories, the student formation on protection of public order .
In order to ensure national-patriotic education of students at the University, activities are held aimed at shaping the national consciousness, nurturing love for the native land, its history, cultivating the best features of the Ukrainian mentality, nurturing a caring attitude to the national wealth of the country, language, culture and traditions. Curatorial hours play a special role in the educational process.
On the initiative of the President of the University in 2017, the form of curatorial hours was changed and each faculty was invited to hold general faculty curatorial hours: 127 “Build a Temple of Your Soul” and a discussion platform “On the Features of Studying, Internships in Universities of the USA and Europe” with participation of young people Natalia Pryshlyak, Head of the Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Tatiana Goncharuk, Head of the Process and Equipment Department of Processing and Food Production named after Professor PS Bernik Vitaliy Janovich.
This form received approving feedback, because in accordance with the defined topics, 12 general faculty curatorial hours were held, 128 number of students-participants were increased to 4 thousand and the formal curatorial hours in academic groups were minimized.
The university curatorial hour "First was the Word, and the Word was God" with the participation of leading actors of the Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater them. M. Sadovsky. In order to preserve the national traditions, customs and ceremonies of the Ukrainian people, in December 2017, a cultural and artistic event "St. Andrew's Evening" was held.
Parents 'meetings, traditionally held in September at all faculties with the participation of the pro-rectors, deans, curators responsible for hostels, who analyze the success of students' studies, their participation in university life, and determine ways to improve youth creative growth, have become an effective form of interaction with parents.
Meetings with students who live in hostels are a positive result in the educational process, adherence to the rules of residence in dormitories and ensuring improvement of living conditions.
Thus, during the period September-October 2017, 6 such meetings were held with the participation of the university management, deans of faculties and heads of structural divisions. The meetings were attended by about 1.5 thousand students. In the dynamic development of the university, strengthening its positive image, a large role is assigned to the bodies of student self-government: the student council and the student union. Student government and student union representatives are members of the Academic Council of the University. In order to work closely together, the university management constantly meets with the student asset.
An excellent incentive for excellent student learning and self-development was the annual Distinction of the President of the University "Best Faculty Student", "Best College Student", which is twice a year received by students who are excellent students and take an active part in the life of the university.

Educational work at the university reflects several major priority areas:

  • the promotion of human and humanistic values;
  • creating conditions for the inheritance of the spiritual heritage of the Ukrainian people by students, the formation of patriotic feelings;
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle and physical development;
  • education of artistic, aesthetic, legal, professional culture;
  • strengthening the role of student self-government bodies and the student union in creating a positive image of the university.

The purpose of the educational process at VNAU is the formation of national consciousness, nurturing a caring attitude to the national wealth of the country, its history, culture, language, traditions, formation of a new generation of specialists, able to compete in the labor market of Ukraine and abroad, continuers of national professional and scientific traditions. .
Curatorial hours play a special role in the educational process.
At the initiative of the President of the University, the form of conducting curatorial hours for general-faculty and university-wide curatorial hours has been changed, covering the key issues of formation of a conscious personality, dated to significant dates in the history of the country and the university, providing for meetings with celebrities.
One of the most responsible areas of the university's humanitarian policy is vocational guidance, which is provided by the pre-university training, admission and training center. In 2016, one of the progressive forms of communication between the university and comprehensive schools was introduced, which continued in 2017: on September 1, 25 first-year graduates of these schools were delegated to the general educational institutions of the region, who welcomed teachers and students from the beginning of the new school year and presented gifts from the university. The colleges that gave us the most graduates were also visited: Vinnytsia Interregional Higher Vocational College, Vinnytsia Technical College, Vinnytsia Transport College, Illinetsk State Agrarian College, Bar College of Transport and Construction, Vinnytsia College of NUHT.

Vice-rector for educational work and humanitarian policy Lyubov Spiridonov with eleventh-graders during a university trip

Every year more than 400 Vinnytsia and neighboring oblast schools are enrolled in the student asset of the University and information about the admission rules to the University of Higher Education and the benefits of studying at our university is provided to future students. This form of communication is very convenient for students, in a relaxed atmosphere they can ask any questions about studying at the university, accommodation in dormitories, student leisure and more.

Participants of vocational guidance

With the assistance of the university's leadership, in 2017, for the first time on our base, an EBA in Ukrainian language and biology was held, with 240 graduates. This gave the children an opportunity to see the material and technical base of the university, to get acquainted with the territory, the conditions for study, and we had a good opportunity to communicate with parents and pass on guidance materials to them.

During "ZNO” exam 

Every March, the University holds an Open Day. About 1000 graduates of schools, colleges and colleges participate in the event each year.

The initiative to invite our successful graduators to participate in the Open Door Day was quite successful.

Excursion to the University during the Open Day


Each year, the University participates in Open Doors at all of the University's colleges.
In the dynamic development of the university, strengthening the positive image in Ukraine, a large role is given to the bodies of student self-government: the student council and the student union.
Meetings of the student's asset with the management of the university have become traditional for the university, which gives an opportunity to discuss topical issues and prospects of development of the educational institution.

Meeting of students with the authority of VNAU

A special place and role in the educational system of the University is occupied by the Center of Culture and Leisure - Director Daria Pogrebniak.
In 2017, the center's staff is listed on the regional Board of Honors of the Federation of Trade Unions of the region, which is an extremely high score among the more than 200 collectives that accompany the unions.
The traditional creative competition among freshmen "Discover Yourself" is extremely productive every year.

Center and Culture Director Darya Pogrebnyak

Every year, the popularity of the KVC University Festival at the VNAU President's Cup is growing.

KVN for the President's Cup - 2017

Every year, beauties from every faculty compete for the title of the most beautiful, elegant, and talented Miss VNAU.

Miss High School - 2017


At the high level there is a unique university festival of refinement “Podolsky Ball”. Students from all faculties compete for the Crown and the title of Queen and Ball King.
With great trepidation the University celebrates Victory Day under the slogan "Human memory is imperishable ...". As a token of eternal memory, boundless gratitude and respect for the feat of value in human life, the teaching staff and students of the military department hold a solemn march in the central square of the University.

Solemn march on the main square of the University


The end of the creative season is the holding of an annual cultural and artistic festival "With Love for the Fatherland." Our colleges have already been joined by the Illinetsky State Agrarian and Mogilev-Podilskyi Mounting and Economic Colleges. More than 200 creative teams of the region take part in the festival.
The University teams participate in complex sports events of international, all-Ukrainian and university levels, obtaining the desired victories for the native university.
In 2017, the University celebrated its young 35th anniversary. In terms of numbers, this may not be much, but in view of the many achieved. United by one purpose and idea, the team has always worked at full capacity under the leadership of prominent figures, prominent statesmen and scientists: Boris Zribnyak, Anatoly Lutsenko, Leonid Sereda, Grigory Kaletnik, Galina Yanchuk and Viktor Mazur. It was thanks to their dedicated work that the buildings were built, updated and insulated, the material and technical base was strengthened, the number of specialties was increased, the volume of training was licensed, the territory was created unrecognizable, comfortable conditions were created for each student and teacher, scientific potential increased.

Celebrating 35th Anniversary

Many distinguished guests, MPs, foreign colleagues, alumni and employers came to share the holiday with the staff. Each faculty, every department, college, structural unit presented anniversary presentations of scientific achievements. Everyone present at the festival was also able to enjoy the highly artistic performances of our talented students and graduates, as well as the People's Artist of Ukraine Natalia Buchinska and the popular band.


Famous artists on the stage of VNAU


Events in the photos