Accounting and Auditing Faculty

Location:Vinnytsia, 3 Sonyachna str., building 1
room. 1208
Phone:8325 (tran)

The Faculty of Accounting and Auditing prepares bachelors and masters in the specialty "Accounting and taxation" of the field of knowledge "Management and administration" by day and correspondence forms of education, fruitfully cooperates with state, private institutions, innovative enterprises on the provision of their highly qualified specialists.

Natalia Zdyrko

Natalia Zdyrko

Dean of Accounting and Auditing Faculty

candidate of economic sciences, associate professor

The history of the faculty begins from the time of the founding of the institution, which was established as a branch of the Ukrainian agricultural Academy. The training of economists and accountants of Vinnitsa branch of the USG began in 1983. In 1986 according to the decision of the Academic Council of the Ukrainian agricultural Academy was organized by the faculty of Economics, which became the starting point for the development of economic faculty.

The first Dean of economic faculty, which included Department of economists and accountants, became the doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor Vladimir Nikolaevich Kostenko. In 1998, the faculty of Economics was divided into two departments - accounting and Finance and management. Headed the accounting and Finance Department, and later the faculty of Economics and business, doctor of economic Sciences, Professor Natalia Leonidovna Pravdyuk.

As a result of reorganization of the structure of Vinnytsia national agrarian University at the faculty of Economics and business in 2010 was created the Educational-scientific Institute of agricultural economy, in which there were two faculties: the faculty of accounting and auditing (Dean - doctor of economic Sciences, Professor Lyubov V. Gutsalenko) and financial-economic faculty (Dean - candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor Vdovenko Larysa).

In 2014 as a result of reorganization of the research Institute of agricultural Economics on the faculties of accounting and auditing and financial was created by the Economics faculty, which was headed by doctor of economic Sciences, Professor Alexander G. Spicules.

1 July 2016, according to the order of the rector of Vinnytsia national agrarian University as a result of reorganization of the economic faculty of the faculty of accounting and auditing. The faculty was headed by candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor Olesya Valerievna tomtchuk.

In October of 2018, Dean of the faculty elected candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor Natalya Grigoryevna of Zdyrko. Deputy Dean – candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor Koval Natalia.

Educational activities, Department of accounting and auditing carries out on the basis of own scientific and pedagogical experience and innovative educational technologies. The learning process is based on a combination of traditional and new educational teaching methods through the application of interactive and problem lectures and seminars; case-technologies and business games, the use of modern multimedia and audiovisual technology.

The teaching staff of the faculty constantly improve their skills in leading institutions and enterprises of Ukraine and abroad, particularly in Lusescu University (Gutsalenko L. V., Mulik, T. A., Pravdyuk N. L. 1999), the University of Colorado (Lapitan I. M. – 2012), Wroclaw University (Pastrovich V. A. – 2013-2014), West-Finland College (Korpanyuk T. M. – 2016). A high level of scientific and pedagogical potential allows lecturers to lecture in English, to organize international conferences and thematic meetings with foreign scientists and professionals to provide business advice and participate in international scientific conferences and seminars in foreign countries.

In the manufacturing departments, in the framework of the scientific schools of the faculty, the training of graduate students, protect candidate and doctoral dissertations.

Scientific-pedagogical staff of the departments of the faculty provide the educational process at the faculty of accounting and auditing, but also in other faculties of the University, the professions and relevant disciplines provided in the curricula.

Novelty and high level of scientific and technical developments and achievements of the faculty members confirmed by copyright certificates, information and instruments of implementation, the publication of monographs, manuals and textbooks.

Developed by the scientists of the faculty were often presented at national and international conferences (Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan), symposia, and the like.

The efforts of the faculty are set up to study the needs of the labour market, expansion of social partnership with employers, to establish long-term cooperation agreements, which include employment of graduates.

International relations on the issues of internships are carried out under international agreements and treaties with relevant institutions abroad.

The staff training has been introduced through the Economics and computer training. The essence of this concept is to systematically deepen students ' knowledge and skills in computer and application software in the solution of professional tasks.

Today in the training process students use computer classes 29. All of the computers United in a local network with access to the Internet, that provides independent access to every user to any resource on the network.

Current students, learning the knowledge of Economics, mathematics, foreign languages and information technology, to create the domestic economic and scientific elite, which would be able to provide a decent place of our country in the global economy and to meet the challenges of the third Millennium.

The University is actively working student scientific society. Even within the walls of our "Alma Mater", the students begin to carry out research, participate in seminars, contests, competitions, presentations at conferences, publish their scientific work.

The acquisition of practical skills in leading Ukrainian and foreign bases of practice, mastering of advanced technologies of teaching and learning technology agriculture contribute to the enrichment of the student experience and create a significant advantage in the labour market in the future. Students of faculty have possibility to pass training and work internships in the agricultural sector of leading countries: Poland, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The faculty regularly participates in conducting job fairs. Active participation in organization and holding of fairs attended by former graduates who now occupy senior positions and require highly skilled professionals. As a result can our graduates employed during study. For students of the faculty has created all necessary conditions for leisure activities, physical education classes and sports. Gym, dance halls, gym, shaping and the like. It offers students of the faculty of a modern stadium, gym, Playground, three sports fields.

On the basis of the sports complex of the University students have the opportunity to participate in sports competitions in different sports, which take place between higher education institutions, as well as internal sports competitions between faculties.

Students of the faculty successfully participate in teams of University, city, region and Ukraine in the competition of urban, regional, national and international levels.

The pride of every faculty, its graduates. And the faculty of accounting and auditing is no exception.

Graduates of the faculty welcome the staff of economic and financial departments of enterprises and organizations of various sectors and forms of ownership, positions of economists, accountants, auditors, financiers, analysts, and it professionals. They hold leading positions in bodies of state tax administration, insurance companies, banking institutions, are heads of enterprises. 

Graduates of the magistracy actively carry out scientific researches, enter postgraduate studies and work in higher educational establishments of the II-IV accreditation levels. Most of them have defended their PhD theses and are working on their doctoral ones.

We are sincerely grateful to all our graduates, and proud to have such students!


  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • Department of Audit and State Control
  • Department of Accounting and Taxation in Sectors of the Economy
  • Department of Analysis and Statistics

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