The first International Online Congress of Veterinary Medicine USAVA-VNAU 2020

The first International Online Congress of Veterinary Medicine USAVA-VNAU 2020, which gathered more than 2,000 participants from 30 countries, started its work on May 28 at Vinnytsia National Agrarian University.

The congress was opened by the Head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Small Animal Veterinarians Vladlen Ushakov, who sincerely congratulated the participants and thanked Hryhorii Kaletnik, the President of the University, for the great work for broadening the technical capabilities of this congress and presented him the symbol of science from the World Association of Veterinary Scientists.

Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences Hryhorii Kaletnik addressed the participants of the online congress with a welcoming speech: “Today Vinnytsia National Agrarian University is becoming the center of exchange of scientific and practical achievements in world veterinary medicine for three days! Together with the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Educational Consortium, the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy (Košice), the Ukrainian Association of Veterinary Physicians (USAVA), the World Association of Veterinary Physicians (WSAVA) and the European Federation of Veterinary Physicians. Practical online congress on veterinary medicine USAVA-VNAU 2020 has been attended by more than 2,000 participants from 30 countries. 

I am glad to greet today the colleagues with whom we met 2 years ago in in VNAU at the First International Congress of Veterinary Medicine USAVA-2018 EYE. We all remember world-class guests, famous scientists, professionals who gave extremely interesting, informative lectures and workshops.

In particular, scientists from the University of Bologna (Italy) – Federico Fracassi and Gualtiero Gandini, presented very relevant lectures on the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases, and the intricacies of neurological examination of small animals and their social significance.

The Czech researcher Myroslav Svoboda has revealed a topical issue that is widely discussed today in the world not only of veterinary medicine, but also of medicine – “New trends in vaccinology and vaccination systems”.

Another speaker, Dmytro Anufriiev, a doctor-practitioner and director of the Artvet Veterinary Clinic (Kyiv), touched on an exclusive topic: “Emergencies of exotic animals”.

Leading scientists and practitioners also touched upon diagnostic issues. In particular, Andriy Semenets presented a lecture “Fundamentals of radiography in veterinary practice”. “Computer tomography in veterinary medicine”.

We always remember with pleasure the surgical master classes that delighted all the participants of the Congress. We remind you, Dr. Nao and Patrick Henseli (Switzerland) with your demonstrative surgical treatment of the dog. All reports, lectures, master classes at the USAVA-2018 Congress became a significant contribution to the development of veterinary science in Ukraine and the world, an invaluable baggage of new knowledge and practical skills for scientists, left in the memory of all Congress participants.

We are extremely pleased that the guests praised the level of organization of scientific work, logistical coordination of the Congress, as well as the responsibility and openness of NNP University to cooperation, to the perception of new ideas and to the dissemination of knowledge and experience. Colleague from Greece, Professor Dimitrios Tontis, who was impressed by the scale of this event, expressed his opinion that VNAU is a university that is developing and providing young people with the opportunity to receive modern education at the European level!

And it is even more pleasant that many lecturers have expressed a desire to teach in our school.

And today among the lecturers of the First International Scientific and Practical Online Congress on Veterinary Medicine USAVA-VNAU 2020 – scientists and practitioners from Britain, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Greece, France, Italy, world-renowned veterinarians, whose names are always on hearing in the world scientific community, scientists of specialized higher educational institutions of Ukraine, owners and doctors of veterinary clinics.

Holding such a large-scale and, most importantly, the First Online Congress in Ukraine on the basis of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University is absolutely justified.

Thus, the university, having founded the All-Ukrainian Consortium, today works strongly in various fields of animal husbandry, crop production, engineering, thus having its own scientific and practical bases, more than 20 thousand hectares of land, where not only modern plant varieties are grown but also new ones. We specialize in growing bioenergy crops. We are ready to cooperate to solve scientific problems together, learn from world experience and share ours in the development of veterinary specialty. This is a goal we have set for ourselves, and we are consistently and confidently pursuing it, and the support of partners is necessary and very important for us. 

In addition, we will expand the number of partner universities with double degree programs, work diligently to make students a reality not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills in the professional field, knowledge of a foreign language, which will open wide opportunities for their careers. growth and self-realization.

Participation in the USAVA-VNAU 2020 Congress at Vinnytsia National Agrarian University on May 28-30, 2020 is a unique opportunity to access lecture courses for world-class lecturers, advanced training, exchange of experience with international colleagues. Only at the USAVA-VNAU 2020 Congress you can get acquainted with the latest technologies and methods of treatment of animal diseases and the latest innovative medical equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of animal pathology.

Therefore, I wish all participants fruitful cooperation and practical work that would be applied in practice in the field of veterinary medicine in the future.

Rector of the University Victor Mazur joined the congratulations of the President of the University

Shane Ryan, President of the World Association of Small Animal Veterinarians (USAVA) (Singapore).

President of the European Federation of Small Animal Veterinarians FECAVA (Serbia) – Denis Novak

Former President of the European Federation of Small Animal Veterinarians (Scotland) –  Wolfgang Dohne

President of the Russian Association of Veterinary Physicians  – Serhii Sereda

Vice-President of the Russian Association of Veterinary Physicians - Alexander Tkachev

President of ArmSAVA (Armenia) –  Vagan Khachatryan.

President of LSAVA (Lithuania) –  Linas Varnauskas.

Representative of LSAPS (Latvia) –  Dita Stalte.

President of BASAV (Bulgaria) –  Boyko Georgiev.

Moldovan Association of Small Animal Veterinarians  –  Artem Shevchenko.

President of GeoSAVA (Georgia) –  Mariam Chkhikvishvili.

President of ESAVA (Estonia) –  Tina Toomet.

We sincerely wish fruitful work to all participants of the First International Scientific and Practical Online Congress on Veterinary Medicine USAVA-VNAU 2020!


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