Online scientific conference on cooperation between VNAU, the All-Ukrainian Research and Training Consortiumand the China-Ukraine International Center for Technology Transfer and Technical

Today, an online scientific conference on cooperation between the All-Ukrainian Research and Training Consortium (Consortium), Vinnytsia National Agrarian University (VNAU) and the China-Ukraine International Center for Technology Transfer and Technical Issues was held. The Chinese side was represented by the general manager of the center Huang Haitao, manager Han Shuzhen and Vladislav Spiridonov.The University and the Consortium were represented by academicians – the President of Consortium Hryhoriy Kaletnik and Vice President Maksym Melnychuk, Rector of VNAU Viktor Mazur, Vice-Rector for Research and Teaching, European Integration and International Affairs Svitlana lutkovska.
The sides exchanged the powerful material and technical bases of their universities scientific laboratories, educational premises, research farms and and specialist training.
Maxym Melnychuk, Vice President of the Consortium, noted that he considers the form of interaction between the institution,the Consortium and the technology transfer center to be the most optimal and effective model. After all, the Consortium has a very powerful not only material, but also human resources - it is well-known scientists, academics and young talented scientists and specialists, whose range of research is quite wide and diverse.
Moreover,research and teaching staff of the university, students, graduates successfully provide consulting services in the field of counseling, implementation of the law on decentralization, etc. The university has a clear positioning, reaches new levels of international cooperation and today is looking for partners to implement its innovative product. Maxim Melnychuk is convinced that joint future developments and their implementation will benefit both Ukraine and China.
Significantly,we have a positive and fruitful experience of working with the Chinese side, said the President of the Consortium, Academician, Doctor of Economics, Professor Hryhoriy Kaletnik. We have good developments, the implementation of which was stopped due to the events in Ukraine in 2014 and it would be appropriate to restore them and continue to develop.
Today, the Consortium and the University are actively conducting research on the production and use of alternative energy sources, as well as seed production of bioenergy crops and sugar beets. We are interested in China's experience in this area, especially the production of livestock products and the processing of biogas waste in private households. It is important for us,in the cooperation program, we have provided for the exchange of teachers and students, participation in technology competitions in which the commission selects the best ideas and in cooperation with business capital will give the opportunity to implement them.
Huang Haitao, general manager of the China-Ukraine International Center for Technology Transfer and Technical Issues, said that the center has experience of cooperation with higher education institutions in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Ukrainian scientists and teachers, whose theoretical knowledge is especially valued around the world, give lectures to Chinese students. Scientists from the two countries have the opportunity to exchange experiences and implement joint developments. Such cooperation provides an opportunity to answer many questions and successfully implement modern developments.
The China-Ukraine International Center for Technology Transfer and Technical Issues is also ready to mediate in establishing cooperation with the Zhejiang Academy of Agrarian Sciences.
In conclusion, the parties wished health,mutual success in the fight against COVID-19 and effective cooperation!


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