Fatherland Protection Fund

Dear our students, researches, teaching staff, heads of faculties, colleges, structural departments, I am very grateful to inform You that your help in arranging protective buildings, camouflage nets, metal devices, collecting of food, clothing, bedding, mattresses, pillows, utensils is very necessary for defenders of the Motherland, as well as a real help for people in large cities, towns and villages who are in a dire need for food and medical supplies. Your financial contribution which is created at the University "Fatherland Protection Fund" is amounted for today to UAH 800,000. Together with the Rector of the University Victor Mazur, Vice-rectors S. Lutkovskaya, I. Goncharuk, L. Spiridonova, A. Shinkovich, the director of the administrative and economic part S. Pryshchepa, students M. Mishchyshyna, D. Gorkovets, A. Rybchynskyi, over 400 thousand hryvnias were handed today to border guards for the purchase of thermal imagers and drones. 250,000. UAH were given to the regional military administration to strengthen territorial defense, 150 thousand UAH were given to area police.

I sincerely thank to the stakeholders of VNAU who actively help the defenders. For example, stakeholders V. Vit, M. Sharko, V. Korets, T. Kifa, I. Volkovskyi at the expense of their private enterprises bought butter for the amount of UAH 2,000,000 and handed it over to hospitals, Vinnytsia Military Hospital and the Hospital of War Invalids, and people in their villages. Currently, they organize the production of 10 tons of different types of cereals (peas, buckwheat, corn, barley, wheat) and 3 tons of sunflower oil, as well as other food kits for transfer to the regional fund of the military administration of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Vinnytsia and Yampil.

I appeal separately to our researches, teaching staff, students, parents who have used their legal right to temporarily go abroad for their safety and safety of children (women; men before 18 and over 60) please be so kind to to show your Ukrainian business traits of character and organize there, abroad, the purchase of medicines, thermal imagers, helmets, unloading vests, drones - they are very much needed today by our defenders.

Take the purchased goods by cars to the border of Ukraine (preferably to Mohyliv-Podilskyi or another customs post, but closer to our native Vinnytsia region), and here we will exchange goods -money with you. Who will respond to this request, agree on all the details with our Vice-rectors by phones:

+38098 734 1556

E-mail: rector@vsau.org

I ask directors of colleges to continue to organize feeding at roadblocks. Due to the filling of all prepared rooms to migrants from the other areas (currently 500 people are accommodated in dormitories), organize with students' representatives the transfer of computers, books and other personal belongings from the rooms to a separate storage and prepare an additional 1000 seats for the settlements. Including the arrangement of sports and assembly halls.


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