The department of pre-university training

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The department of pre-university training is an integral part of the Center for Pre-University Training, Admission and Training. The department prepares pupils of senior classes and graduates of secondary schools, students of the senior courses of higher educational establishments of the I-II level of accreditation and the graduates of vocational-technical educational institutions for external independent assessment.
Curricula of the preparatory courses are developed on the basis of external independent assessment programs approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, supplement to MES Order No. 1121 of October 1, 2014 "About External Independent Assessment Programs for Persons Who Want to Complete Higher Secondary Education ".

The students of the department are given the opportunity to study  Ukrainian language and special or specialized disciplines for entry into specific fields, such as biology, English, physics, mathematics, history, geography, chemistry, as well as advanced training in specialized disciplines, which is close to the level requirements  for the 1st year students from all faculties of the University.  The course of each discipline training consists of 150 hours .

Elvira Manzhos

Elvira Manzhos


of preparatory courses

So, in recent years, for the  1 year of all forms of training are credited 90% of students from preparatory courses. In addition, the Department tests on competitive disciplines are higher on average  10-15 points than the rest of the applicants.

the work  of the preparatory Department has been enhanced For better preparation of applicants. Preparatory courses are in the following forms of education: part-time, evening, external  and distance, reduced.

Preparatory Department together with the Department of international relations according to the license of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine concerning the provision of educational services for the training of citizens of Ukraine for entering higher educational institutions are prepared for implementation of pre-University training for foreigners. Training plans and work programs for foreign students  are prepared and developed. 

The concept of studying at the preparatory Department provides  both the deepening of knowledge in individual disciplines and preparation for external assessment of knowledge and adaptation to future learning in higher education and vocational guidance in choosing a future profession for applicants .

The educational process at the preparatory Department is organized in the following forms: lectures, individual assignments (independent work), consultations, monitoring activities and final examination.

training materials with practical exercises and tests to develop  sustainable skills of students are developed  with the participation of the teachers of the Department.

Calendar-thematic plans on subjects that are submitted for independent external assessment are developed on the basis of the approved by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, programs of EIT.  students are fully provided  with didactic and methodical materials for independent work, including electronic media, also with the use of information technologies with  the help of  Internet.

Training of Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics, biology, geography, physics, history, foreign languages ​​is conducted to encourage talented rural youth and provide a contingent of applicants.

The employees of the department are regular participants of Open Days and other events organized by the Center for Pre-University Training, Admission and Educational Work in order to increase the number of applicants.

The department of pre-university training actively cooperates with the city and district departments of education of Vinnytsia region, with employees of Vinnytsia regional Center of quality assessment of education

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